Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

FanBase Mart offers a convenient and stress-free payment solution in the comfort of your home when you make purchases. Depending on the product requested for, you might decide to pay before delivery or on delivery. FanBase Mart will ensure that our customers are aware of our payment methods, which include PayPal and card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.).

You agree that for any failed, debited online transaction, We will refund you with no extra charges. We are partnered with several banks to ensure that your online transactions are completed successfully.


FanBase Mart protects your data against any fraudulence act as we work with your bank to process your money using a high-security standard measure. You are responsible for controlling each purchase payment with a password and an SMS from your bank. You agree to notify your bank immediately if you suspect any foreign transaction which you do not initiate.


You can reach FanBase Store for comments, feedback, questions, and other submissions about our payment gateway via: Contact Us